Team Info

Student Name: Colton C.

Bio: I play sports here at the school but I also play many sports outside of the school. I’m creative, hard working, and diligent. I do my best to find a deeper meaning in everything I read.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: I have no previous knowledge of Alice besides maybe seeing it when I was little. As of right now, I think of Alice as a fun little story about a girl who falls down a rabbit hole.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: I believe that the project will be challenging. I will have to read the story and analyze it as best as I can. It will be fun because we will get to use the computers during class which can help us accomplish more during class.


Student Name: Alex F.

Bio: My name is Alex. I don’t really have much to say about myself other than that, there’s nothing to put on here that would really relate to the project that wouldn’t be totally random and off-topic. I like to write, I suppose that’s relevant. But I’m only good at writing about what I’m interested in, so this Bio is not going to be one of my best works. I’m relatively creative, but no more so than the next person. I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland, so this project will be a lot of fun, for what parts I can do.

Previous knowlege/thoughts about the project: I had first read Alice in Wonderland when i was 9. My dad had started obsessing about me and my sister needing to know the classics, so he would read us a bit of the story every night before bed. My first impression was that Alice was a brave little girl, and the land she was in was out to get her. But that was back when people my age were always the ones in the right and everyone else was wrong. All in all, the book gave me nightmares the first time through.

Thoughts on Day 1: I’m really confused, but It’s starting to make a little more sense. I’m excited to get my ideas out for others to comment on and see.


Student Name: Abbie P.

Bio: My name is AbbieLeone, and for those of you who just want a summary, I am spontaneous, out-going, and very opinionated. My expertise is in music, and I wouldn’t want it to be anywhere else. There’s absolutely nothing better than just letting music consume your mind. Now, before anyone says anything…I’m not an emo kid (don’t even get me started on this one), a scene kid, or a band geek. I don’t conform to stereotypes, so don’t try to define me. I will find some fault in your little scheme. I also have the ability to fall up the stairs. Pretty nifty, eh? Now, to stomp on all other things you may say about me; I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and embrace it with pride. I don’t let it get in my way. I am unstoppable.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: Growing up, I was always a really big fan of three Disney movies: “Anastasia”, “Peter Pan”, and of course “Alice in Wonderland”. Something about them just really pulled me in. With Alice in Wonderland, I guess it was the childish curiosity that sparked my interest. I could relate to it…what child wouldn’t have wanted to go down the rabbit hole? Even now, the Adventures of Alice intrigue me. It still relates, and if anything, I understand it even more. There are little hidden bits that would be wrong for children to understand, but for the adults, it’s rather humorous. I don’t want to go “plot-summary” on you, so I’ll leave it at the fact that Alice in Wonderland is clever, and overall timeless.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: At the very beginning of the project, I was honestly very confused, but really…it’s not like it’s that hard to confuse me in the first place. Now that we’ve gotten our groups and have more of a grasp on everything, I’m pretty excited. This is something we can do on our own. Sure, there are guidelines, but overall, it’s whatever we want it to be. It’s an opportunity for me to really show what I can do, and I’m not going to let that pass me by.


Student Name: Vance L.

Bio: I am a young man with an eclectic palate. Whether it be music, friends, food, or words, I have a wide range for everything, and am fine with displaying it. I hope for the best, plan for the worst, and try to enjoy myself as much as possible. Learning is a road that goes ever on. I just simply need to choose which ways to go, and hope that I have enough time and friends to explore other paths.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: I have seen the disney movie and read the book long ago, and remember little save for a few funny elements. The many narcotic portions have always stood out in my mind as peculiar, even when I did not understand their implications. I have neither read nor thought about Alice in great depth, but hope to understand the public love for this English classic.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: I can hardly contain in a few sentences my excitement for this opportunity. This a chance I have wanted for a long time; to be told by a teacher ‘you are capable, I trust you, now do what is meaningful to you’. Over the course of the next four to five weeks it is my goal to not only learn about Alice, but more so to grow as a writer and intellect. There are skill sets to gain and develop here, and I have the opportunity to do as many as possible that I choose. My choice has been made and I will do my best in everything I possibly can.


Student Name: Ryan S.

Bio: My name is Ryan S.; this is my name not who I am.  On the other hand, I am interested in psychology and understanding. If I were an animal I would be tortoise (or a phoenix).I enjoy the shows Heroes, Lost, and Dollhouse. I am a existentialist Objectivist libertarian. My gamer name is “Hivemind”. This is all you really need to know.

Previous Knowledge / Opinions about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prior to the Project: I have already read and enjoyed Alice before this experience. I always see the spectrum of good and evil in everything I perceive. This is why Alice has always floated to one of the top five in my list of favorite books. It has the potential of being either truly dark or extremely light. It is deep, thrilling, and full of metaphors and innuendos. It has a very special place in my heart and now it is taking residence in my heart.

Thoughts about the Project on Day 1: I came into this project confused as to what we were planning to do, However i am no longer confused and have my plan set and ready to go. I hope for the best.

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26 11 2009
Connor M.

I just wanted to say that you guys have a very clever header for your blog. Although, on the side it says Results….#### for wonFerland. Just a head’s up. No need to publish this comment.

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