Whining, Complaining, and Dragging Our Feet

3 12 2009

By now, most students are sick and tired of The Annotated Alice, and just want this project to be over and done with.

For me, it started out great, then went into a downward spiral as I had to work harder and harder to find something worth blogging about. A lot of the time I’ve started a blog, then erased the entire thing because it was just a great page of hooey. It’s Alice’s in Wonderland, for crying out loud! How many things can there be to blog about?!

It’s madness (pardon the pun) to even think about doing a high-school level project on it!

Isn’t it?

We’ve all spent out fair share of time whining about this project, and wallowing in a pit of despair every time we think about how many blogs we have left to do or how on earth we’re going to get enough comments in. But maybe the only reason this project seems so hard is because we made it that way.

Think about it: with almost every other project we get, it’s possible to put it off until the very last minute and still get a good grade, because we just have to regurgitate information and slap it on a power point and we’re good to go. But with the Alice Project, we actually have to use our brains, and think about what we’re going to say. We just can’t slop through it and fake ideas, because there’s people other than our classmates seeing our work, and commenting on it. It’s not like this is a presentation that you can awkwardly give, and sit back down hoping that people will forget about it before lunch. It’s on the internet, and is up for the public to see. I also think that we care just a little bit more about it than other projects, because we’re being asked to put our opinions out there, create our own ideas and defend them. It’s a bit more personal than the stupid little poster-board projects.

This is the first project that’s actually made me use my brain, instead of just a little creativity and time. So while we’re still complaining, griping, and freaking out about the Alice Project, maybe we can see exactly why this seems so impossible and stressful.



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