“We’re All Mad” -Natasha Bedingfield

3 12 2009
-Natasha Bedingfield (We’re All Mad)
“We’re all mad in our own way
Colours paint the grey away
Different people all the same
Each reveals a meaning
We’re all mad in our own way
Fill the sky with different shades
Read the story on each page
Each reveals the meaning

Sometimes I think I over analyse
As if I can control the time and place
Life isn’t something you try on for size
You can’t love without the give and take

Who’s to say that darkened clouds must lead to rain?
Who’s to say that problems should just go away?
Who’s to point a finger at what’s not understood?”

I was actually just browsing YouTube for new songs to add to my iPod when I came across this, and, well…it kind of gave me an idea.

Everyone’s been saying that Wonderland is definitely strange, and it’s hard to disagree. Because, well…none of it is what we would consider to be “normal” (whatever that is). What this song (or, well…this part of the song) says to me is that if nothing were strange to us, then it would be dull. We need the “colours to pain the grey away” otherwise we’d be extremely bored with life. In the second stanza, I like that she’s saying she thinks she over analyzes, because, don’t we all? If we could overlook the fact that Wonderland is just different to us, then maybe we could see something else. It’s just the same.

Wonderland, to me, would be like painting a rainbow backwards. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. It’s still a rainbow, but it’s not the rainbow we’re used to, so we automatically consider it “odd” or “weird”. Wonderland is like any other foreign place….they do things differently. So, why is it that we think everything about it is so strange? Is it because it’s a place where what is impossible to us is now possible? Or are we simply pushing it away because it’s different?

“Who’s to say that darkened clouds must lead to rain?” (Natasha Bedingfield).

To be honest, I feel that is one of the most powerful questions you could ask someone. The world has become so completely stereotypical, that we automatically assume things now.

“Who’s to point a finger at what’s not understood?” (Natasha Bedingfield).

Who’s to say what is mad versus sane? No one can make that call, because in the end, aren’t we all mad



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