Waxing and Waning; A Real-Life Wonderland

3 12 2009

Ok, so I should have done the blog on size a looooong time ago. But hey, no time like the present, eh?

Alice continually shrinks and grows, shrinks and grows throughout the story, depending on the situation. It’s very random, when the changes in size happen, and one starts to think about why size plays such a theme (especially when one is running out of blog ideas).

In one of my earlier blogs, I wrote about how the different characters in Wonderland could represent different states of mind. Such as worry, immaturity, cockiness and so on.Now, I see how the changes in size, in according to the situation, can represent growth, and a person’s journey through life. We can see our own lives as a trip through Wonderland; with all of it’s ups and downs, irritating people and scenarios that you just don’t understand. And when we’re faced with each obstacle, we either rise up to overcome it, or we shrink away from the hardship and try to avoid it. So does Alice. She grows and shrinks with each encounter, and will either face each character boldly or timidly. It’s really strange how close to real-life Wonderland is, when you get past the smoking caterpillars and coat-wearing rabbits. Maybe, underneath the intention of giving a little girl a story, he was trying to give her a life lesson. Or tell of a person’s journey through life. It would make sense, if he cared for the girl, to try and give her that little piece of knowledge. He IS an adult after all, and they just love trying to cram life-lessons down our throats.

Not only that, but how about those characters? Everyone runs into a person that’s always in a rush, or a little loopy, or feels like chopping everyone’s heads off because they don’t get what they want. Alice has effectively run into most of the extreme personalities of the people we’ll meet throughout our real-life Wonderland. It’s not only a story about a girl being thrown into a strange and mixed-up place, it’s about a girl suddenly realizing the weirdness of real-life.



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