The Other Side of the Mushroom

3 12 2009

As I mention in “Teenage Angst”, I don’t believe that Alice’s entire journey was a metaphor for drugs. However to say that Drugs and their metaphors don’t play a crucial part in Alice would be a downright lie.

From my point of view, there appears to be at least two scenes were drugs references are abundant. The first is at the very end of chapter one, this reference was the small bottle labeled “drink me”. This bottle is very important because if you read Alice’s reaction to it, it definitely gives you a sense that while the bottle wasn’t poison it certainly wasn’t good for her. The drug innuendos come in when the book says: it tasted “good”, made her speak strangely, and it made her size change.

The second and slightly more obvious of the two is the caterpillar and his hookah. I won’t go too far into the analysis of the caterpillar because I already did in “A Sense of Blue…” (To read this full blog I have a link at the bottom). The reason I mention it at all is because it was one of the more obvious drug references so I felt obligated to mention it at least once.

So why is it that Lewis Carroll put these mature references into a book that is quite obviously for kids? My only answer is because he was hoping that the parents who read this book wit their kids would pick up on the hidden message. I know I use the back and forth “Is it for kids or adults?” theme is one I use a lot, but it plays apart in every interpretation of Alice we can make.

The many drug references in Alice while are subjective to interpretation, are very universally accepted as both real and fascinating

Go to my blog entry, “A Sense of Blue,” for those who are interested for my take on The Caterpillar.



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