The Duchess

3 12 2009

During Alice’s time in wonderland, she is presented with many different challenges. Alice meets the duchess and notices that she is very ugly. The duchess said that there is always a moral. As I was reading Sylvia’s post, The Ugly Truth, she talked about how the Duchess represents the ugly truth. I think that this is very true because you don’t always want to hear the truth. Even though Alice did not want to hear the morals, the duchess told her anyways. The duchess told Alice many different morals and here are a few. “Tis’ love that makes the world go round!” and “Birds of a feather flock together.”

The first moral can represent that if everybody loves everybody than there will be no problems. If there are no problems than the world will go on smoothly. The second moral is saying how everybody of the same race or gender come together. If you were in a room with a bunch of different people, they will separate with race or gender. A real world example that I can think of is Jail. I think its weird that I think of jail but normally you will separate due to your race. You could not like those people but you would still join their group. I think that Carroll used the Duchess in order to put his morals in the story. Many great writers use their stories to express their thoughts and this is an example of one of them.



One response

3 12 2009

I really like the fact that you talked about the Duchess. She seems to be underrated as a character in Wonderland. I have written three blog posts mentioning the Duchess on blog 4. I really enjoyed her morals. She is one of the most profound characters in the book, whether Alice really wants to talk to her or not. The Duchess allows Alice to explore Wonderland unhindered, while also giving her ideas to ponder once she escapes Wonderland. Her point of view is all knowing in Wonderland. Although, she does not know anything in reference to the real world. For example, she beats her ‘baby’. The Duchess is one of the most influential characters in my mind, so thank you for pointing it out. “There is a moral in everything.”

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