Sweet Dreams or a Beautiful Nightmare…

3 12 2009

During our previous “CoverItLive” discussion, a question was raised which I thought deserved a second look. The question was this, “Is Wonderland a dream? Or a nightmare?”. We all know that at the end of chapter twelve, Alice was suddenly awoken by her sister who was gently nudging her. So what clues are there to determine if this was a dream or a nightmare?

Dream, the evidence that this was a light-hearted dream is this: No one got hurt, Alice was never frightened only concerned. Alice woke up and began happily explaining all about her dream instead of proclaiming that she had a terrible nightmare. Nightmare, the evidence that this was a twisted dark nightmare is this: The Red Queen was very violent and nearly killed not only Alice but many characters. Her sister had to wake Alice up because she was obviously doing something in her sleep. There are many drug and alcohol references that would only appear in a nightmare for a child of that age.

While there is plenty of evidence both ways, I believe that Wonderland was just an innocent dream. The way I came to that conclusion was by looking at Alice’s reaction to Wonderland. Since Alice was never scared or even fearful of any character in wonderland for more than a moment I believe that this simply couldn’t have been a nightmare. Whenever I have nightmares, this situation I am place din is never that scary yet I fear a huge wave of fear none the less. Without fear I don’t think any one can say that Alice ever entered anything more than a dreamland.



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