3 12 2009

As we are getting very close to the end of our project, I thought that I would write a blog about it.

This project has really helped me understand Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Before reading this book, I had never read or seen the movie. I heard that it was really good, but the people who said that only remember that when they were little. I think that that age is the best time to see the movie or read the book. The book is meant for children so I think that you need to read it when you are a child. Reading the book as someone who is going to analyze it and someone who is trying enjoying it are two completely different things. If you are trying to analyze the story, you cant really enjoy the fact that it is a children’s story.

The first time I read the story, I thought that it was a really fun book to read. But then as I went back over it to try and analyze it, it turned out not to be so much fun. Like a bunch of critics said, ” Don’t try and over-analyze the book”, I believe that it is true. I think that Carroll meant for the book to be a children’s book, so anyone who is trying to over-analyze it is trying to prove that they are smart by finding metaphors and analogies that Carroll never meant to put in there.
But besides that, I think that this project was very fun because I got to explore Wonderland and find all of those metaphors and analogies.



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