Playing House…

3 12 2009

In my many readings of both The Annotated Alice and others’ blogs, I noticed a trend about childhood and adulthood.

It seems like at least one person in each group commented on Lewis Carroll’s beliefs about childhood. Whether it be “there is no difference between childhood and adulthood”, or “childhood is optional” or any of the debates offered by other people, they all seem to imply that childhood is simply a state of mind that you can enter and leave when you wish. I don’t think this is true. Childhood innocence and curiosity is a forced ignorance. It is a mis-perception about the world caused by a lack of knowledge. Saying that childhood is optional is almost like saying having brain damage is optional. The true non-forced sense of wonder fear and respect caused by a developing child is not something someone can recreate. It’s not even something they can very easily imitate.

Through out Alice we see a mix of emotions coming from her. We see rebellion against authority, but we also see the desire to be taken care of. Alice is going through her childhood in just twelve chapters. We see examples of prepubescent behavior mixed with some quite adult-ish actions. She changes size regularly so she is never quite comfortable with her body. She is growing up and changing randomly and rapidly. Alice goes very quickly from playing with rabbits… to living a dream.



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