“OOPS! I did it again” -Britney Spears

3 12 2009

Alright, well, the title has two meanings. Yes, I am once again going to bring up sanity…read no further if you don’t want to deal with my constant psycho-analysis. It also refers to the fact that Alice seems to make the same mistakes over and over. How many times do you have to eat strange objects and drink from strange bottles before you realize that you probably aren’t going to like the outcome? Whilst reading the story, I found myself screaming “THINK, ALICE, THINK!”. It’s like when you’re watching a scary movie, and you always tell them NOT to open the closet door. And what do they do? They open the closet door.

Do we all make decisions like this, though? We know it’s wrong, but it just feels so right! I know I shouldn’t have had that last brownie, but it was so delicious. Yeah, it’ll be delicious when you step on the scale next week. Sorry…couldn’t help but make the comparison [as I’m sitting here eating a brownie. SORRY SAM!]. Yet, it still bothers me that she keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Do we ever truly learn our lesson? Is it a human trait to do something like this, or is it merely being naive? There are quite a few things I wonder about this.

But, really. “OOPS! [she] did it again!” -Britney Spears.



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