Not A Chance

3 12 2009

To me, the croquet game was very strange. It seemed that the Queen was going to win no matter what. If someone was winning or was making her mad, which was almost anything, she would say “Off with your head”. By the end of game Alice is one of the only ones left. I think that Carroll is trying to say something about the government of that time. The queen was probably very hot-tempered and never really got anything done.

Also if anything went wrong or she didn’t do something right, she would blame it on someone else. This makes me think that the queen of that time always blamed her mistakes on someone else. We find out later that even though the queen would say off with your head, that the people were never executed. I think that Carroll had to do this because it is a children’s story. If he didn’t then all of the kids would be upset and they wouldn’t like the story. Also he could be saying that the queen always made threats to people but never followed through. I think that Carroll is using the croquet game as a metaphor for a lot of different things that were going on during his lifetime.



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