No Parents, Huh?

3 12 2009

As I was reading Alex’s blog, Stories Linked, about relating characters in the book to people that were in her real life, I came across something interesting.

Carroll never relates any of the characters to her parents. She relates her brother to the baby that turns into a pig. That makes sense because he thought that all boys became pigs. Next he put the children’s mistress in there. She was a mouse which makes me think that either he didn’t like her, or he thought that Alice didn’t like her. Next I want to point out that he never mentions Alice’s family.

Is this because he was so obsessed with her that he was only focused on Alice, or because he wanted to be her family so he didn’t put hers in there?

I think Carroll not putting Alice’s family in the book makes me think that he hated her family. They were the ones who got to be with her all the time and he didn’t. He didn’t like this so he never mentions the family in the book. Another thing I think is weird is that Alice is never missing her parents in the book. Does Carroll put this in there because he hopes that she will forget about them and want to be with him? Carroll was a strange man who was obsessed with a little girl and hated her family.



One response

3 12 2009
Alex C.

You make an interesting point. You are right, where are her parents? Your blog makes Carroll sound like a stalker, yes very creepy. But I don’t think that Carroll hated her family. How would he have been able to see Alice Lidell, if he was not friends with her family. He probably did not mention Alice’s parents because he was so focused on Alice. His love.

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