Never Wonder…

3 12 2009

If Alice had the choice would she have stayed in Wonderland?

I think this question truly encapsulates the core essence of Wonderland. If given the choice would you stay in Wonderland give up all that’s real, sane and logical for a fantasy? If I offered you the Blue pill… would you take it? The difference between our decision and Alice’s is that she doesn’t know that this is a dream. All she knows is that this is some place she found. She can’t realize that the decision is to wake up and never return or dream and never wake up. So my question to you is this, would you give up your life and join the madness that is Wonderland? And if Alice had the choice what would she choose?

I think I lead you astray with the blue pill reference; the choice is not content ignorance or depressed enlightenment. It’s whether you believe that Wonderland is worth the sacrifice of your friends, family, and life; and more specifically what would she choose between her real life and her own personal “Wonderland”.

Also I know I hardly ever explain my titles (mostly because I feel if you work it out for yourself you’ll be better for it), but I decided to give you guys a break and explain this title. I’ve always considered Neverland form “Peter Pan” to be the encapsulation of everything we want as a child. You fend for yourself, fight pirates, play Indians, and have as much of the most delicious food that you want. You’re never in danger because in Wonderland you can’t be killed, or aged, or harmed. It is the purest form of fantasy and it allows you to stay there for forever if you wish.

Which is the question I ask here, “would you stay in wonderland?”. The title “Never Wonder” is both the prefix to “Wonderland” and to “Neverland” I just drop the end “land” and you have the title “Never Wonder”. And as you probably noticed the title itself, has some meaning.



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