“Man! I Feel Like A Woman” -Shania Twain

3 12 2009

I thought it was really cute how Alice thought she was all grown up because she’d gotten bigger.

I mean, come on…it reminds me of basically every little kid who say silly things like that. Just because she’s changed size multiple times she thinks she’s this whole new person based off of her height. And, in wonderland, it’s kind of true! When her neck grows, she’s thought to be a serpent, no matter how many times she says she’s not. Then, when she grows so large that she doesn’t fit in the house any longer, the animals go from wanting to talk to her, to wanting to burn her down along with the house! So, in a way, she has changed, hasn’t she? But, still, that’s only how other people see her, and not entirely how she sees herself.

Alice doesn’t know who she is anymore, because it’s hard to know yourself. Though it’s said that we know ourselves better than anyone else, don’t they also have something over you? Because we only know who we are inside, but they see how we act every day. Something a lot of us don’t realize is that is two completely different people. So, is it that Alice is Alice on the inside, but something new and different from the outside? Or has she just not changed at all?



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