Mad as a Hatter…

3 12 2009

A few weeks before we started work on this project, I was at the library when I picked up a book entitled The Looking Glass Wars. Seeing an opportunity to see perhaps a darker side of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland I checked out the book and sat down to start reading. After two or three days I returned the book. It had not been what I had hoped for. It was a story about Alice finding her true love and fighting against the oppressive Red Queen or something like that. I didn’t enjoy the story and it wasn’t portrayed very well. However, it did mention something that made me wonder.

Every character Alice ever interacts with is either a playing card or an animal, except for one. This one characters perhaps one of the most famous characters out of all of Alice. The Mad Hatter. To jump strait to the core of the matter, I believe that the mad hatter entered wonderland from the real world, in a very similar fashion that Alice did. The key difference was that Alice was able to escape before going mad. I think that when an adult entered Wonderland there already rigid and structured mind could not believe in talking animals, broken physics, and a reality based upon these things. I believe that when the Hatter at the time somehow wound up in Wonderland he snapped. Now how long ago this was I cannot say. I think that it may have been a while, because not only is the now “Mad Hatter” quite comfortable in his new surroundings, he also made no attempt to contact Alice. Of course this is only a theory besides the fact that they are the only two humans in Wonderland there is no other evidence that the Mad Hatter is anything more than one of many beings from Wonderland.



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10 12 2009
Connor S.

Hmm… while other characters ARE based on real world people, the hatter is both based on a real world character, and a human. I can see where you are going on this, though. The Mad Hatter really does seem like a human from the real world. Maybe he is a warning to Alice, in a way. Something like ‘if you don’t escape from Wonderland, you’ll end up like this crazy old coot’. Now that you have mentioned this theory, I can’t get it out of my head! You really hit a gold mine on this blog post.

3 12 2009
Kyle M.

Excellent find! While the Duchess isn’t a playing card or animal either, this particularly unique aspect of the Hatter never caught my attention. I’m not sure if the Hatter “entered” Wonderland, as the entire affair was revealed to be a dream (Or perhaps it only appeared to be a dream…?), maybe the Hatter represented a person in Alice’s real world. While it’s possible that this abnormality is mere coincidence…Carrol was a calculating logician, and it isn’t likely that he did this on accident. You’re definitely on to something.

3 12 2009
Miles W III

I enjoy how you end your titles in dots. To the post now. Have you read through the looking glass? It seems that book would be more enjoyed if you read the sequel to Alice. I think the book was supposed to show maybe an alternate idea of wonderland. I think I will check this book out.

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