Is That It?

3 12 2009

Like Deron Molen’s post, Game Over Alice,I have been talking with some of my friends and realized that no one liked the ending of the book. It just ended very abruptly. She was in the court room then the cards flew up in her face and she was awake. It kind of reminded me of how a bunch of my dreams end. When you’re getting to the best part of something or something is about to happen to you, you wake up. I think that this is was what Carroll was trying to do. A lot of people don’t know how he could of ended the story like that.

Also I think that maybe he was just running out of ideas. I mean he had written a great book so far so maybe he had nothing left. Lets not forget though that he was only a mathematician and didn’t just sit there and write books all day. Besides that, the ending just really bothers me. It was a great book and it was starting to get really good and we were all wondering how she would get out of wonderland, but then it ended. After a while, I don’t think that Carroll even liked the ending of the book. This is why I think that Carroll decided to write another book, Through the Looking Glass. To wrap it up, I will leave you with question, was Carroll trying to simulate the ending of our dreams or was he running out of Ideas?



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