Interesting Subjects

3 12 2009

While reading chapter 10, I thought it was pretty interesting how Carroll named the subjects of the lobster.

All of the subjects that he had were pretty similar to our subjects. When the lobster asked Alice why they called it lessons, she had no idea. The lobster said they were lessons because the time spent each day lessened and lessened. I think Carroll put this in there because he had to have some comic relief. The story is starting to get boring so he had to put something in there that would be funny. The Lobster had many words that were spelled different so that they could mean different things.

One thing was the Porpoise.

He used this to say purpose. Saying porpoise out loud sounds pretty funny when you know that it means purpose. To me, it seems that Carroll is starting to run out of ideas at the end of the book. He really can’t find anything to write about and why should he? He is a math teacher. But other than that, I think that Carroll had a fun time playing around with all of the different ways that he could spell things wrong but people would still understand it the way he wanted to. Some of those were Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.



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