“If You Seek Amy” -Britney Spears

3 12 2009

There are so many things about this story that changed for me.

First of all, I’d like to point out that nothing is ever as it seems. I base most of what I write on that, actually. But, I find it rather amusing that most children’s stories [the good ones at least], also have quite a bit of mature content in them know. Children think they mean one thing, but we ALL KNOW it means something else. It makes me insane just thinking about what little kids are exposed to without even realizing it. So, what I’m presenting is…are children’s stories really meant for children?

Alice in Wonderland [I’m gonna base this off of the movie, considering most children haven’t read the book] is definitely more diverse than most other popular children’s stories. Most of them are based off of princesses and romance, but Alice is merely a tale of a little girl. She doesn’t fall in love. But, there’s also the fact that there are always the little things that children don’t notice that we do! Shrek, for example, had a lot of sexual references. I hate to bring that up, but its the truth. And, Alice had a caterpillar on drugs! And he wasn’t smoking a pipe [something that is often seen as a “sign of wisdom”]. We’re all old and mature enough to face the fact that the caterpillar was getting high, not something a child should understand, and if today’s standards weren’t so lagging, then adults would be applauded by the fact that their children were watching it! I understand that it’s merely a children’s story…but the double meanings are always there.

My mind is made up…for now, and I do believe that all versions of Alice are truly meant for adults. Just my opinion.



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