“I don’t ever wanna be you, Don’t wanna be just like You” -Good Charlotte

3 12 2009

I feel that this title is a little self-explanitory, and I know it’s back tracking a little, but back in chapter two, when Alice is trying to figure out who she is, she talks about who she doesn’t want to be. But, she never says who she does want to be. It shows a lot about her, and really brings out the fact that she is indeed a child; something we all seem to forget from time to time. I realize that I do pay a lot of attention to that, but still we seem to forget it.

Alice is a little girl, she doesn’t know who she wants to be, of course! She would like to be herself, but she isn’t so sure who that is. So, no wonder she’s shedding a pool of tears! Though, it doesn’t seem to do her much good when she shrinks. Alice doesn’t think about her actions, it seems she doesn’t even think about her thoughts. So, why do we still judge her as if she has our common sense? I always seem to forget that she’s a little girl, and she doesn’t know as much as someone of our age. You can’t exactly help but over-examine her sanity when it’s there for the questioning. No matter how childish Alice acts, we forget, though the signs are there. I just wonder why this is.



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