3 12 2009

This is a poem I wrote that I thought was fitting for the theme of humanity’s journey through life. It is a summary of childhood innocence and so much more.

It is as follows:


Life! I cried forth.

Muffled, it solemnly commenced.

None can lie or deny,

The beauty of taking new breath.

Joy! I chucked malevolently.

None can halt my reckless canon.

Sprawling at last ‘neath bruised summer skies,

Dreaming warm dreams, fervently, hopeful.

Angst! How sweet the sarcasm.

Self-discovery, that humbling feat.

Moved on, I thought,

From former Innocence.

Life! She cried forth.

Stifled, I begin anew.

None can deny or lie,

The beauty of beholding new breath.

Interesting… All I can say.

Naught more needs be said.

We’ve come yet far, we the team,

And know, simply, there is always more.

Sleep… They called down,

Solemnly contemplating some now-distant event.

As I smiled down on them,

Silently lamenting such lament.

Bright… Like stars,

we enter pure as snow…

Yet how gray our stars have dimmed,

when like rain forsaken,

we streak, down…

or up?



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