“Hot n’ Cold” -Katy Perry

3 12 2009

So, I’ve noticed a lot of contradictions all throughout this book.

One of my favourites being the duchess. Not necessarily in her morals, but when she first meets Alice, she says that Alice knows little, and that’s a fact. But later on in chapter 9, she goes on about how Alice is always right and knows all sorts of things. The duchess is one of the most overlooked characters, on my part, and now that I’ve paid closer attention, she’s as batty as they come! The morals that she presents either don’t make sense at all, or don’t make any sense in that situation. The only one that even seemed relavent to the story was “be what you would seem to be.”

For me, this was because everything in Wonderland is what it literally seemed to be. Such as the baby that snorted, who turned into a pig. And beating time wasn’t keeping rhythm, it was literally beating someone named time. But, at the same time, nothing is as it would seem to be to Alice. Wonderland is this flip-flopped world where nothing is as it seems, but rather, what it literally is. So, why do we say that Wonderland is the strange place? Wonderland is literal and logical, whereas in our world, things just are what they are, not what they would literally seem to be.

So, I present this question to you. Why is Wonderland the place that is out of the ordinary, rather than our own world?



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