Growing up is harder on parents than kids…

3 12 2009

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is rife with metaphors and meaning. However I think her entire journey is a single grand metaphor for one thing. Life. Growing up.

On “Alice’s Trifle” there is a blog by the name of “Parallel Personalities”. In this Rachel suggests that the Croquette game played with the Queen is in fact a reflection of her previous life, outside of Wonderland.

I would go further than that, and suggest that her entire journey through Wonderland is a metaphor for her life. Her growing up, her changes, her “ups and downs”, everything she does could be compared to real life scenarios. Her changes in size, you may notice, directly correspond to her emotional state (and vice-versa). at the end of chapter seven just before she enters the croquette party she changes size to match her emotional state. Near the end of Chapter twelve, Alice slowly grows larger and larger. At the end, when she grows to her full height she has gained enough courage (and size) to confront the queen. When ever there is a sudden burst of emotion it is usually accompanied by a change in side.

So we must ask ourselves the most basics of questions, yet it is the one that stumps most Theorists and psychologists. Why? What is the connection between change in size and bravery. There is the obvious: The larger you are the physically stronger, and less likely to get harmed. But perhaps it’s something more, perhaps this is an inside reference between Lewis and Alice. It has already been established that “Alice” has been filled with secret messages between Alice and Lewis. So maybe there are many more references hidden between the conversations of Alice and Lewis. perhaps there had been an ongoing joke that emotions changed your size. Whatever the reason for her growing and shrinking stature, we must assume that it is a mystery with more than one answer.



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