“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” -Cyndi Lauper

3 12 2009

I’ve decided to cut Alice some slack. Honestly, when I was a little girl, I probably made much stupider decisions than she has in this book. Though, I never drank from a strange bottle..I probably would have…and I wouldn’t have checked it for poison, I would have just sniffed it and moved on. It’s really hard to think back in the mind of a child, and I realize I’ve been a bit harsh on Alice…okay, more than a bit.

Maybe, rather than questioning a little girl’s sanity, we should be questioning Carroll’s! He loves this little girl, so why is he putting her through this dangerous adventure? She could have been BEHEADED. I mean, I know it’s not real, but still. It’s the concept of it.

If I’m going to give Alice a break, I have to put the blame on someone. And I do know that “girls just want to have fun” (cyndi lauper), so look at it from the author’s perspective. How would he have thought to write something like this about the daughter of a friend of his? Maybe it’s his sanity that needs examining. Or, maybe it’s mine! [Just kidding. Let’s not go there ;D].

Again, I have a question for you all. Who is most at fault here for Alice’s decisions? Alice for being a naive little girl, Carroll for writing the story, or me for probably over-examining it? Give your opinions. I love them.



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