Cover It Li–Oh Look, A Rabbit!

3 12 2009
This is a documentation of the ups, downs, problems and possible fixes of our first Cover-It-Live session.*

As we all know by now, this project is highly based on technology. We’ve all been glued to the computer trying to fill all the requirements for this project, one of which is that we use a couple web tools. During class my group and I used the CoverItLive, trying to get in a good discussion about Alice before the period ended.

Keyword: Trying.

It started out a hot mess, then just kind of disintegrated into a plain old mess.

First we had to get a CoverItLive account, which took a minute. Then we started to have a little fun with the messaging. Ryan misspelled something, Vance pounced on it, I rolled my eyes. And then we started trying (there’s that keyword again) to get organized.

Ryan tried to start us off with a question, but we were too busy being excited little teenagers to really stay focused for long.

I know part of my problem was that this was just so cool! I mean you’re typing along, and then BAM! It’s out there for all to see! Crazy right? And then there’s the ever-present pull towards a normal conversation; with the joking and the teasing and the somewhat random comments.

We were totally focused before we started, so what happened?

Well, I think it was kind of like the new-toy-on-Christmas-morning deal. You remember when you were little, and you would go running over to the tree at an insane hour in the morning and attack the presents? And you did NOT care how the toy was supposed to work, you just wanted to play with it! That’s what happened here. We got a new toy, and man, we played with it. We did get a few productive comments in there, but about half of it was us just goofing around with the new shiny thing. Random rabbits would pop up and run away with the conversation, and we had no trouble in following them down their rabbit holes. We’d also start talking outside of the CoverItLive, which wasted a bit of time and got us waaaay off track, only this time someone reading the post can’t tell what on earth just happened.

Maybe if we had a bit more time to play with our new toy, then there wouldn’t be so many pointless rabbits for us to chase after, because we’d be more used to using it and it wouldn’t be such a fun time anymore. But that’s just my take on everything, I have a feeling my group may disagree šŸ™‚

* This isn’t about the Annotated Alice, or really anything to do with the story. It’s about how the project threw new bits of technology at us, how and why problems came up, and possible ways to prevent them in the future. Whether or not this counts as a blog, I don’t really mind either way. It’s just something that I think will benefit the reader and hopefully make them chuckle.



One response

3 12 2009
Ryan S.

In all fairness we were some what productive…

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