Broken Glass…

3 12 2009

I’m not asking whether you believe it’s real or if Alice dreamed it, I’m asking what is the idea of wonderland, how was it formed and what does it define. I’ve heard people compare say that it is the opposite of logic, the opposite of reason. We can never define wonderland as a single thing because there would always be a difference in beliefs. If wonderland is insanity in physical form, then why can Alice survive in it? if it is a cheerful world designed for kids to enjoy, then why do they bring up materiel far beyond the understanding of kids in that age group?

We can never define something so complex and immense as a singular thing. So how would one define wonderland? By it’s differences to our own reality.

Wonderland seems to be entirely based off of our reality. Combine a child’s view of the world, with actual life, and replace people with Animals. Everything then plays itself out. If the only difference between our world and “Wonderland” is what I mentioned above, then why is it that our own world, reflected so brokenly and fragmented back at us, sends tingles down our spine? Why do we question Alice’s sanity, if we don’t fear for our own? In every previous blog I have written I have tried answering questions I ask.

However, to be truly honest with you I simply don’t know.

And so I now turn to my peers to answer my query. Please comment.



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