And once you reach the end… Stop.

3 12 2009

When commenting on one of my fellow peers blogs, I had a shocking revelation.

Nearly everyone I have talked to seems to agree that the ending to Alice’s adventures in Wonderland was to say the least, disappointing. However, when asked if they could come up with a better alternative to the ending all were at a loss, so my question for this blog is, “Is there a better ending To “Alice”?” For us to answer this question we first must identify the over all “point” or “message” of Alice. I personally believe that there are two points to Alice.

The first: Is to be a kids story. So that little “eight year olds” will have something to read as they go to bed.

The second: The second “point” to Alice is also the point of this project, to find the hidden meaning hidden through the book. To search for and then locate all the metaphors and for us to figure out that the white rabbit represents Alice’s curiosity.

Now I believe that the ending given in the book is the only way to effectively end “Alice”, while still keeping true to both points of the story.



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