A Vial Decision…

3 12 2009

In Chapter two of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice finds a small vial labelled “Drink Me” she then drinks this vial causing her to shrink in size. Out of all actions taken by Alice, this is perhaps the most significant. Why? because of all the actions taken by Alice this is the first were she purposely took an action to further her journey up until this point all actions had been done accidentally or out of a sudden burst of curiosity. This is the first time that Alice intentionally took a step forward to further her adventure in Wonderland.

So why does Alice’s first intentional push forward, come in such a convenient “Drink me” bottle? Because through the eyes of a child, the world is that easy. What the bottle is the metaphorical easy button. This button allowed her instant gratification and allowed her to further her adventure without explanation or understanding.

At this point we must wonder was this a good thing? Was Alice wise to further delve into the potential abyss which was Wonderland? an even better question is did she have a choice?

When one has a dream are they in control? do they distinctly move in the direction they wish when they wish? Dreams are often times viewed from a first or third person views, the same as if they were viewing a film. Alice was probably just as much along for the ride as we were.



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