Talking Well

1 12 2009

Alice had cried a large amount when she was a giant in the hall of doors. Upon shrinking, she feel into this pool. When she left the pool with the group of animals, they decided they need to dry off. The mouse shared his monotonous lecture with them. This was done in order to dry them off, because it was the “driest thing” he knew. The other animals were confused and shot off remarks and questions throughout it. The Lory cried “ugh” with a shiver. The Duck questioned “found what?” when the Mouse said “it”.

The Mouse crossly said to the Duck he knows fully well what “it” means. The Duck defended himself saying he knows what “it” is when he finds a frog or worm, and restated his question asking what the archbishop found. The Mouse had no answer, and so hurriedly continued in his monologue. When we take in boring or incomprehensible information, we tend to react with confusion and sometimes continue on to disgust. The Duck exhibited his confusion and questioned for an answer. The Lory went straight to disgust and cared not to explore more. The Mouse himself however is the important one here. He did not understand what he was saying. When confronted, he skated over the top of his lack of wisdom. When communicating, people sometimes repeat things in newfangled ways in order to appear more intelligent or to simply fill a verbal vacancy.

To those that understand the ones speaking, this can be insulting or a waste of time. To those that do not understand the gobbledegook thrown at them, this can be insulting or a waste of time.

So for you, the reader (and for me), what is the best way to express so that everyone can understand and contribute in a conversation?

  • Big words? (I know I use them in my writing)
  • Repetition?
  • Humor?
  • Terse phrases?

Or a balance of these and more?



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