Lying Serpents

1 12 2009

The Pigeon cries at Alice that she is a serpent. Alice had just eaten the mushroom pieces until her neck grew high like a giraffe’s. Having laid her eggs three weeks before, the birdbrained Pigeon had not slept from being on the watch for snakes. She has built nests everywhere, but snakes have still eaten her eggs. Now that she has hidden her eggs up in the trees, like a normal bird, she is not particularly happy to see the long-necked Alice. Alice is indignant at being called a serpent and their argument ensues.

At the end of their spat, the Pigeon does not believe Alice is a little girl, but does not much care. In her mind, anything that eats eggs is a serpent. Carroll makes a point here that as humans we can do the same activities as animals but condemn them as bestial. Why is it that we are hypocritical? When confronted we often choose to simply soothe our conscience or by creating reasons for our innocence like “its cooked” and “I used utensils”.

Now I’m not saying I am a vegetarian, because I enjoy a smoked brisket the same as most Texans. My question is, should we not be wholly, and if necessary, brutally honest with ourselves about everything?



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3 12 2009
Daniel L.

I agree with Brittany and Edward, if everyone was perfect then we would all be the same. Even though it would be nice to always be able to tell the truth, unfortunately it will never happen because as humans we all make mistakes. No matter what we can’t always be honest. Its just our human nature.

3 12 2009
Alex E.

Your argument is true that we try to shield our conscience by making ourselves seem more enlightened or more civilized about how we do things. This does not cover up the fact that we do enjoy foods that do deprive a animal of its life. We should be honest about how we are and not cover these truths up with poor lies. Some people just cannot live with the truth, because sometimes that truth is hard to believe or understand, hence the need to lie to ourselves. But in the end, honesty and truth should come first than making ourselves feel better.

2 12 2009
Brittany M

Oh so true, and Edward is right. If we were all just honest all the time with ourselves and eachother life would be so much easier. instead for one reason or another decide to be human and lie. If we took back all the times we lied to our friend, family, and pets, imagine how different our lives would be. We would probably have some friends that we do not have anymore and some happier pets in the house. We make it so easy to lie to ourselves and others it is almost scary. You know it is sad when we had to invent the polygraph.

Sadly just as Edward said, we do not live in a perfect world and we are all still humans and it is human nature to lie and sin. Although it would be nice to live in a world without lying and deceitfulness.

1 12 2009
Edward C.

Honesty, if used right, can be the most powerful weapon one has over another. I believe everyone is hypocritical to a certain point. There have been so many situations when I have seen people say something about what someone else is doing and then do the same action themselves. I’m not trying to say i’m never hypocritical, because I know to a certain degree I am too but as humans we tend to do and say many hypocritical things.

Should we be wholly and honest with are selves? I would love to but this process is too hard for me and any other human being out there. I would love to live in a perfect world but there aint such thing as one. And that’s reality for you

3 12 2009
Vance L.

Yes honesty can be a weapon, but morally, honesty is something you should strive to be no matter the scenario no matter the time. If someone is holding a gun to your head and says they’ll kill you if your name is edward, that gets a little bit iffy :P. However, for the most part we should our best to be honest with everyone, and there is no reason why we should lie to ourselves.

I disagree, complete honesty with yourself is incredibly hard but it is feasible without spontaneous combustion (rare side effects may include headache, nausea, and sometimes death by seizures. If you experience the last of these, you should consult with your doctor for delayed medical help).

Nobody is perfect, we all get that (or I least hope so), and the world is not perfect because of that, but that does not mean we should not try.

Bmay is right. Its just plain sad that we even thought of inventing let alone that we use polygraphs.

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