29 11 2009

During the scene in the court, the Mad Hatter is called to the stand to provide his evidence. He begins his statement multiple times. It usually was a variation of “I’m a poor man, your Majesty.” This entertained me greatly. The Hatter illustrated his own madness by his inability to maintain cogent thought, but more funny than that was his repetition of “MLIA”. For the older crowd reading this, MLIA is a website on which people entertain themselves by reading people’s funny stories they post telling that “My Life Is Average”.

After reading this, it occurred to me that Carroll was entertaining his audience just the same in his day as we are entertained today.

That, I think, addresses a common principle of human social dynamics: humor at the situation of others. Humor is a bonding tool we use to forge and galvanize relationships, and we often do so at the expense of others (FML). However, the Hatter’s MLIA is much more like someone’s teacher quietly leaving in the middle of a test to Nerf-Gun the loud students in the hall. In such a case, we are not necessarily derisively laughing at another’s detriment, but are more so laughing as a group at the hilarity of the situation itself. I think that here Carroll, inadvertently or not, exemplified well the power of humor upon each of us.



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2 12 2009
Devon H.

Vance, you would notice that. It is always fun to find those little things in a story, but it is often hard to find them when you are trying to disect the story for further meaning. When I was reading the book I didn’t catch anything like this at all, because I was trying to find deep meaning and analysis in the story. Sometimes you should slow down and take the time to enjoy what you are reading, and to relax so that you can realize and find all of those fun little things that writers put in their works for people to find.

As for the modern technology part of it, I also like you guys’ site with all of the modern elements you have, such as the Google banner. With this big project it is hard to remember, sometimes, that we are only sophomores in high school, well except for all of the homework from all the other classes. It is also nice to be able to link stuff from our modern world to things from the past.

1 12 2009
Sylvia A.

Oh Vance. I would first off like to say I love yalls site. It has so many modern elements like the Google header and of course MLIA that remind me I’m a sophomore in high school, not an editor for some fancy shmancy website, so thanks! Now on to the act of entertaining. It’s true that laughing makes you live longer so why not spread it around?

I didn’t notice the humor when I was reading that scene with the Mad Hatter because I was merely focused on the reoccuring theme of creepy, dark, demented whatever you want to call it. Now that you blog about it though I just literally LOL (laughed out loud cmon!). It was a very funny scene with the Hatter just spitting out incoherent things about nonsense, pretty much whatever would have saved his head from being chopped off at that point.

This integration of humor may be getting lost in translation though because when you mix it with the reality of death threats that are handed out on a wim of a queen borderlining insanity, it doesnt sound so funny anymore. Hopefully if people will just relax about this book to sit back and just read it, they could find many more instances of humor, laughter, and MLIA-worthy moments.

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