Curiouser and Curiouser…

20 11 2009

Why is it when one reads Alice, we get the distinct feeling that we are seeing half the image? As if there was something we are missing?

When thinking about Chaos, words spring to mind. Disaster, mayhem, destruction, lunacy, nonsense… All are Evident in “Alice’s adventures in wonderland”. But then why is Wonderland not a pile of rubble? a society with out rules and run by chaos, would eventually lead to destruction and anarchy. So why does the system work?

When reading Alice there are many factors we must consider. Most people will read Alice and perceive the story itself as the tale and enjoy it for what it is. However, for those of us who need to Analyze the written world of Alice we instead must perceive three stories.

The first story is the tale most perceive, Alice and her wanderings through Wonderland.

The second level of this tale is the fact that Alice is actually asleep so that everything we read is really occurring on a dream.

The third and final story is real life, the third story is Lewis Carrol’s life and his connection with Liddell, and, his knowledge about psychology and mathematics. These three worlds are much like Wonderland and ours. They phase in and out of each other, tenuously connected, they together weave a web of stories and tales, creating an adventure for all to enjoy all three worlds must be considered when analyzing any part of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

So how does this pertain to the structured/ordered mayhem of Wonderland?

Because this question has three answers, one answer for each above story:

If we consider it from the third story, then Wonderland can’t fall to chaos because it’s part of a kids book.

The second answer is because since Alice is dreaming this she wouldn’t die because in the end this is all just part of her imagination.

The third and final answer is harder to explain. if we were to focus on the story itself drawing nothing from the other two realms, then I would say that there is no true chaos in wonderland only a different sort of Order.

Everything is balanced by having the creatures with the most power have the least ambition. That’s the reason why The queen of hearts is in fact “queen” because if she didn’t have that authority than she would perhaps be the most powerless creature in Wonderland. Now you must understand that this is merely my interpretation of the way “Alice” is written. This theory takes a lot for granted, like the fact that wonderland is real, and that universal constants like life, death, and violence still apply in the mayhem that is Wonderland.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a deep three dimensional web of actions, psychology and story telling. The story of Alice and her adventures. are fascinating to both read and analyze.



2 responses

26 11 2009
Connor M.

I agree with all of this. There are layers to this story, even though I see only two. Though, this explanation has brought a lot of things to light that I will consider. I agree, nevertheless, that Wonderland is in fact a place to be analyzed, if only to a certain degree.

I completely can relate when you said that there is this sense that there is a missing part of the story. Also, the idea that Wonderland is run by chaos, a different sort of order, is very interesting. How does it work? Maybe, in a way, it doesn’t… which may be the essence of the concept itself.

26 11 2009
Alex D.

Hey! Jenna had a post with the same title… Maybe you should link them. Just a suggestion.

What I can now relate this “Children’s Book” to is Lord of the Flies. In that story, without order, society collapsed. In this story, which is much more whimsical, the lack of order only made everything strange and random… It is only a dream, like we all now know. Usually in a dream, once the person asleep falls a great height, they wake up. But that wasn’t the case here. Why would Carroll have Alice awake before discovering the meaning of Wonderland!?!? Maybe you can clarify about the Queen without authority is powerless; those go hand-in-hand.

Otherwise I liked how you broke your ideas up; I felt like I was reading an essay, but it was well written. Nice Work.

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