Who are You?

19 11 2009

The caterpillar is a very interesting character in the story so far even though hee has only been introduced to the story for a single chapter.

At first during their conversation, they both have trouble understanding each other. Alice has the most trouble comprehending what the caterpillar is saying. He asks questions that she has never really had to answer before. When the caterpillar asks “who are you?”, she does not know how to answer it. I think that Carroll is playing with thoughts during this meeting. He takes the most simple questions, but turns them into a more deep question that is hard to answer.

The caterpillar puts emphasis on the words you and me in his sentences. I think that this is Carroll trying to ask deeper questions. By having the caterpillars asks short questions but emphasizing you and me allows us to think about it. It makes us take a question like, “who are you?”, and try to really understand who we are. The caterpillar smoking the hookah allows the caterpillar to ask whatever it wants without any question. Like in ancient times, the philosophers would take drugs to get in a dream or trance like state in order to understand the deeper meaning of things.This is probably why the caterpillar is asking “who are you?” and not just “who are you” like what is your name.  The “who are you?” quote was a catch phrase during London at the time of his book, so this is probably why Carroll uses this phrase in his book.



2 responses

19 11 2009
Melissa H

Colton, I agree with you. I also thought it was very interesting how Carroll put empasis on the you and me in that question. It seems like the caterpillar doesn’t really know who he is. Could the hookah have an effect of that? But I do think the caterpillar seems out of the whole conversation. That could be the reason he keeps repeating himeself, maybe it’s not trying to ask deep questions but for him to figure out where he is. But Alice isn’t really good at that either since she is new to where she is. I think when he askes repeatdily “who are you” he is just confused of what is going or who she really is. I know when I meet people, or see people I don’t know I usually ask “who are you?” just out of curiousity.

But to answer your question… I’m Melissa.

19 11 2009
Katie R

Colton brings up a very good point here. He says that Carroll is playing with thoughts. Usually, if a person is asked, “Who Are You?”, they usually answer by telling who they are and a brief description about themselves. When it comes to Alice, she isn’t sure how to answer him. I really think that Alice was still confused as to where she was, and who this mysterious and strange being was. He also brings up a good point in the Caterpillar’s question, “Who Are You?”. The Caterpillar, in this case, is not asking for her name, but rather who she is and why she was there.

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