The Caucus Race

19 11 2009

Back to chapter 3 when Alice and all of the animals land on the bank, all they can think about is getting dry.

First the mouse thinks that it has a good idea to get everyone dry. Some people think that the mouse was to represent Miss Prickett, the children’s governess. If this is true, then it says something about Alice’s life. I think that it means that this Miss Prickett was always the first person to think of an idea or something. The governess must have always think that she was right and that she had the best idea. Also, Miss Prickett being a mouse may symbolize that Alice may not have liked her so that is why she is a mouse and not one of the other animals.

After the mouse’s idea fails, the dodo bird suggests the caucus race.

A caucus race symbolizes the government of that time. Like the race, the politicians would just run around thinking that they were going to get something done, but never would. Also when the mouse’s idea fails, it can be interpreted that Alice’s governess was hardly ever right. As I was browsing through some website I came across another idea about the caucus race. It said that the race can signify that there is no meaning to life itself. The animals eventually get dry, but they do not follow a path or understand what they are doing as they do it. That can be seen a little bit during Alice’s little time her in wonderland. Like when Alice is trying to get out of wonderland, she has no reason for drinking out of the bottles or eating the cake. The caucus race can be seen as having many different meanings in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.



One response

2 12 2009
Adam K

Great idea of trying to find what Miss Prickett was really like by using the mouse. Miss Prickett may have been the person that always thought they were right and came up with an idea first. She may also had mouse-like features. Which caused Carroll to represent her as a mouse. Many people assume that a caucus race means a political race and just think of it as a random reference. If Carroll meant the caucus race to mean that there is no meaning to life itself. Then the random reference doesn’t seem as random and it could be an important reference to Wonderland.

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