“Nine in the Afternoon” -Panic (!) At The Disco

16 11 2009
(the (!) is there because they started out with it in their name, then later took it out. Random thought.)
“Into a place where thoughts can bloom
Into a room where it’s nine in the afternoon
and we know that it could be,
and we know that it should,
and you know that you feel it too
’cause it’s nine in the afternoon
and your eyes are the size of the moon”
Nine in the Afternoon by Panic(!) At The Disco
For me, Wonderland is like “a room where it’s nine in the afternoon,” because it’s a place where the impossible is possible. It’s either 9 in the morning or 9 at night in the real world, but in Wonderland, it could very well be 9 in the afternoon. Animals can talk, cards can paint, and hatters have tea parties with hares! This aspect of the story almost reminds me of “The Veldt,” where the children have a room that would become anything that they wanted it to become.
On one of my other blogs, there were a few comments implying that I was being a little harsh on Alice. I do imply insanity an awful lot, but I do also recognize her childish innocence. Children will believe anything, usually without questioning it at first. Though, I was always the little girl who asked how Santa drank so much milk and didn’t stop for a bathroom break, I still believed in Santa. So, maybe I am being a little unfair about all of my accusations. Or, maybe Carroll wanted us to forget about her being a child and start thinking she might be a little bit insane.
Either way, it seems that anything is possible in Wonderland. Alice’s dream world has become more than just a dream. It’s a reality to us all at this point, and for the time being, she could quite possibly be a little bit insane.



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2 12 2009
Amber W.

Oh Abbie I love how you can relate music to Alice in Wonderland. I really like to read your blogs cause you seem to think out of the box a lot.

Moving on, I really like the relation you made to Nine in the Afternoon. I was a big fan of Panic at the Disco and would have never made that connection. I liked how you mentioned that the impossible is possible in Wonderland because it truly is and that Wonderland is a real aspect to all of us right now. I completely agree with the song being very similiar to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Yet, why would you call Alice insane?

Carroll made the story up as he went along and maybe to keep the story going is why Alice has so much curiosity towards everything in Wonderland. I do not believe she did anything to have her judged as insane.

2 12 2009
Rachel L.

I love how you relate all of your blog entries to songs. It makes me feel as though I can relate to what you are saying because I know the songs. The first time I heard this song I was with Darcy S. and she played this song off her iPod.

“Wait… How can it be nine in the afternoon?” was the first question I asked Darcy.

Her response? “Ummm…

Rachel, that is kinda the point

My point is that in our world things like it being nine in the afternoon and having talking animals and tea parties don’t make sense, but as you have pointed out so nicely, they do in Wonderland.

21 11 2009
Michael P.

Well, anything can happen in wonderland, right? So far there has been living playing cards, talking ,smoking catapillars, and floating cats, just to name a few. All things considered, I think anything can happen in Wonderland. Or maybe it is just Alice’s imagination thinking up Wonderland and all the amazing, seemingly impossible things that happen in Wonderland. It could be nine in the afternoon in Wonderland. I like the comparison to “The Veldt”. Wonderland, like the room, do not seem to have any limits. Alice can experience anything she wants. But does Alice control what she finds in Wonderland? Is it a real land that she is just in? Or is it her imagination creating all these improbable things in Wonderland, and Wonderland it self?

17 11 2009
Rivu D.

My iPod decided to shuffle to this song a few days ago, and after not hearing it for ages, the first thing that came to my mind was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Why? Because like you, I too feel as though a room where it could be “nine in the afternoon” perfectly describes Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It shows how the impossible may be possible, or how the illogical may be logical. I also like how you compare the real world to wonderland, and how a nine in the afternoon is not possible in the world we call real since the only time it is ever nine o’clock in our world is in the morning or at night. I agree, anything is possible in wonderland, even though some things strike me as “Pretty. Odd.”

17 11 2009
Abbie P.

Yay! Another music reference. I have a feeling I’ll be using a lot of songs from that album for this project. But, I do agree that Wonderland is “Mad as Rabbits”.

16 11 2009
Jackson H.

I agree with this. Alice is tumbling down the rabbit hole to a land where anything “can and will happen.” Such events are the strangest forms of reality, but because they are related to things that actually happen, they can exist in our mind, and therefore become almost real. Alice is the catalyst for change in Wonderland. She ushers in new things, and changed all that happened there, as she was such a dominating prescence. But, through it, all seemed real in the book. So why can’t it be real to us?

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