Alice’s Tumble

3 11 2009

In every story I encounter, I always get the eerie feeling that I’m seeing merely a sliver of the entire tale. While I am showed one view, there will always be another story either hidden in the story itself or the after story or merely a side of the story never before explored. This interesting personal quirk has often times aided me in my search for enlightenment in the physical and mental realms and is now aiding me yet again in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. While most people think Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole itself is interesting, I find the room she enters next so much more interesting.

The idea of the rabbit hole and Alice’s tumble down it, means very little to me, her transition through our realm to theirs, could have been just as simple as walking through a door. However, the metaphorical waiting room we find Alice and ourselves in next is far more interesting. Whether Alice is dreaming or not, we do not know, but for the sake of argument let’s say she isn’t. If she is sleeping than this is merely a step down her path to her dreams in wonderland. If she’s not sleeping and the happy world of wonderland is a world under the very feet of our own, then I submit to you, that this room with the golden key, is a gateway to many realms not just the wonderlandian’s.

Lewis Carroll mentions a garden world that Alice spots through yet another rabbit hole. It could be just one of many of realms found; our own could be reached by eating the cake and climbing up the rabbit hole. This is a room where worlds collide. Much like the Jack’s grove from The Nightmare Before Christmas a worldly gateway, allowing transport to realms as magnificent as wonderland itself.



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10 11 2009
Liz Khalil

Your idea of “waiting room” is compelling. As if she had entered a doctor’s waiting room of the impossible and grotesque…

8 11 2009
Susie C.

I definitely see where you are coming from, and now that you mention it, it also reminds me of C.S. Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew. In that book there is a kind of “metaphorical waiting room” as I think you called it. In that forest “waiting room” there are many pools that lead to different worlds, much like you are describing, and the magician’s ring could be the equivalent of Alice’s golden key. I wonder if Lewis introduced this particular idea and influenced C.S. Lewis and Tim Burton, or if other authors used a room like this before Lewis. Either way it is a very interesting comparison and I am glad you noticed it and chose to share it.

29 11 2009
Susie C.

I have written a post that was inspired by this entry. If you are interested here is the post:

4 11 2009
Jenna K.

I can relate to what your saying about never getting to the whole story. I’ve always felt the same way too. That’s why I love reading books in a series because that is the closest you can get to the full story. I find it interesting that you don’t consider her fall down the rabbit hole her “transition through our realm to theirs.” I think there is something to study about why Carroll made it a fall through a rabbit hole instead of a simple walk through a door. That aside, I like your idea of the room being a gateway to many realms, not just one. This idea would definitely explain the many other doors in the hall. I never really considered there being other realms. But now, thanks to you, you have left me wondering about what could possibly exist behind those other doors.

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