Childhood Is A Choice

1 11 2009

I found something interesting in a sentence of Deron Molen’s in his blog post “Has Childhood Passed Us By”. This is both a response to his post and a posing of my own questions and feelings.


Deron writes:

“There are moments when children act mature beyond our years and others when they act like a bunch of toddlers.”

Freud would have a field day :). You oscillate between 3rd person and 1st person rapidly; from “when children” to “our years” and “they act”. I think this emboldens that you are not a typical “Big Kid” but are rather what humans define as “adult”. You seem to maintain at times that you are still young, but are certainly precocious and not to be taken lightly by anyone of any age, including those older than us.

I think there is a question to be asked among us “kids” about “adults”. Are all adults adult? Apart from being physically older, are all adults really more intelligent, mature, or capable than us? Who decides society’s fashion? Who decides society’s course? Who then, decides the image of idolatry and what we as humans or youth should look like physically, emotionally, mentally, and in maturity?

Lastly, who decides what adults are? Us or them? Me or Him? Kid or Adult?



One response

3 11 2009
Christian Long

First of all, great title! And one can imagine it as a bumper sticker or preschool-aged t-shirt, too. Seriously. I’d buy my son/daughter one each if some enterprising designer pulled it off.

Also intrigued by the “precocious” vs. “young” distinction. Was this the character herself or the interpretation we bring to the story?

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