31 10 2009



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3 11 2009
Christian Long

Completely understand the purpose, Vance, and applaud you for it. Let me re-cast my original comment/question:

How can the question (and options) be re-phrased to make it much clearer what you assume?

For instance, when you ask the question, what do you mean by “SparkNotes/CliffNotes” as the reason “why” someone came here?

It might make perfect sense but seems a tad tangential at this point. Just a suggestion.

Otherwise, the goal is laudable. Just want to make sure you ‘read’ it from the vantage point of the visitor…and that there is a 1-to-1 relationship between the question and the answer set.

3 11 2009
Christian Long

Can I say that I’m confused by the first question? Very confused, as a matter of fact, but perhaps it is just me. Help?

And was the choice to do a poll more to explore the tech itself or were these vital questions at this point to your team?

3 11 2009
Vance L.

The purpose of the first question is for all of the English classes to analyze how anyone not from our classes arrived here.

By understanding how we receive the majority of our views, we can know where what audiences to target and which sites to advertise our work on.

These were in part for the tech (and were not vital at this point for the team), but there was interest and they were not meaningless…

…so why not?

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